Verizon Blitzes Smartphone Releases Next 60 Days

Boygeniusreport just posted leaked verizon info that they plan on releasing up to 15 new smartphones by year’s end. Recommendations are to wait and not run to get the google android 2.0 Motorola droid when it releases at week’s end.

I use a smartphone on verizon wireless to continuoulsy synch my office schedule wirelessly with my GE office management centricity ((former millbrook).  The iphone just did not sync with my practice management program continuously via wireless so I went with verizon for a windows mobile 6 Samsung Omnia.  My previous Motorola Q also worked.  The omni virtual touch keyboard is so small its practically unusable without a stylus. The droid looked like the best way to go with built in synch, video features, google map nav and hi speed processor.

Check out the post to see all the specs on what’s coming next.  As he reports:

One of our really solid connects just had some information for us and we think you’re going to love it. With the Motorola DROID being Verizon’s hot handset at the moment, you’d figure that the Moto would be it for a while, right? Well, if our guy is right, we could soon be bombarded with a lot more handsets. Apparently if the DROID launch/sales go really well, (is probably will) Verizon will push up handset releases and practically aim for the smartphone crown. Were talking HTC Passion, Motorola Calgary, Curve2, etc.

Apparently the Curve2 or HTC Passion / Dragon will launch on Black Friday, “whatever is ready first.” The second device would be used in a holiday push around mid-December. I asked why Verizon wouldn’t space this out more and he/she said “best network, best smartphones campaign.” Fair enough.

There’s also some handsets coming soon that we “don’t know about,” apparently. Could all four Android devices really launch on Verizon before the end of the year, or really close to it? Plus a couple BlackBerrys, and some other stuff that hasn’t surfaced yet? It seems a little crazy, but hey, more power to them.

UPDATE: We’ve also been told that Verizon will release 15 new phones, mostly smartphones, starting with the BlackBerry Storm2 and continuing into the end of December.

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