Update From SLS-2: Natural Orifice Surgery-The Somach Burstor from Alien is Hottest New Procedure- video of concept

burst.jpg    alien2.jpg

video link of the new surgery concept

Natural orifice surgery (also called Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery NOTES) was minimally discussed in the formal meeting but massively discussed in the halls and by the movers and shakers.  It is radically different and enabling of new procedures.  Combine this with the potential for disasterous outcomes and complications, a turf war between traditional surgeons and gasterenterologists (the latter who would not be able to manage the complications they might cause), VC money, dcotors looking to make a name creating new procedures, and device companies smelling new procedures and markets and you have the setting for an exciting next few years! I will be providing regular updates & back room doctor’s debates.

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