Japanese Cultural Society: How to Eat Sushi Etiquette – Sunday Fun Post 2

Continuing in the Sunday Fun Posts from Fans in Japan.  This one is from the “Japan Culture Lab” on How to Eat Sushi- All the Japanese etiquette you need.  I went a good ways through it before realizing it was a spoof.  (The two guys in the videos are a comedy duo in Japan called “Ra-menzu” (Rahmens) ラーメンズ who also feature on the Mac vs. PC ads.


Japanese TV and humor is unique in the world.  I spent some time in Yokahama and Tokyo teaching surgical technique to doctors there.  I remember watching game shows like one where  babys in walkers race through a maze but if they hit the sides their dad gets an electric shock.  This video is so fun because I remember being told “there are 50 ways to offend before you even begin your meal.” 

I also published with Japanese collegues the largest series of women ever undergoing repair of blocked tubes with tiny angioplasty catheters from the inside out.   (Hey I needed a medgadget hook for the post).   It was an honor to work with Professors Osada and Satoh from Nihon University School of Medicine in Tokyo.   

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