SLS Update 3: Krazy Glue Tissue Sealant Blocks Healing


Krazy Glue-type tissue adhesives have been hot in development for some time.  Lots of promise and huge expectations but they have not worked so well and have had poor market penetration.  They have been primarily used ofr small laceration and insision closures.  The hype has been to use them for more complex repairs and replace sutures staples etc. This presentation showed that in a hernia repair model with mesh these tissue sealants clearly impaired tissue healing.  This has 100% been my experience with their use.  I see that the tissues adhere but the glues seem to block the normal tissue to tissue attachment and ingrowth of vessels and fibroblasts etc. The author was Alexander Petter-Puchner,MD who was awarded the best paper -General Surgery for this study.

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