I Scammed the scammers calling from “Microsoft” to save me from Mexican hackers



INSANE hackers call me saying they are from microsoft and try to scam me into giving them money and computer access– what do you do?  keep them going by asking about klingon cloaking devices and porn hackers and the FBI–SCAM THE SCAMMERS!

This is the edited version of all three calls together ….its gets insane klingon transformer at 1:50 and then porntastic  my son is a porn hacker at 4:45– my kids and wife are hysterical in the background and he called back 4 times

“Jack” the scammer kept calling our house claiming to be from “Microsoft”.  He said our home computer had been “hacked by Mexican hackers” and he needed to access it immediately to correct the intrusion.  He called three times as we were cooking dinner– a tthat time my wife came and told me and I figured time to turn the tables.

When jack called back I started agreeing with everything he said… but started asking him questions

How come his Microsoft ID is missing digits?

How could he bypass my VPN quad core routing Klingon Cloaking router that diverts my connections through the Caymen islands?

What do i do with all the gears and wires?

We got disconnected and he called back—- 3 times.  So each time I escalated the counter scam

I started screaming about porn on my computer and getting arrested if he didn’t help!!

Finally I get escalated to his supervisor scammer and connect them to my friend in the FBI who is on the line to trace the call….


hope you enjoy :)



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