Robotic Sperm Injection Into Egg Developed!

Amazing video shown at ASRM annual meeting.  Drs. Sun and Casper out of Toronto have developed a prototype of a robotic system that can perform ICSI– or intracytoplasmic sperm injection.  This is frequently used in IVF where the sperm as so few or weak that they cannot fertilize eggs.  Usually a skilled technician injects a single sperm with a microscopic glass needle into an egg. 

The new group just showed a robotic method.  Besides The fact that this could greatly expand access to complex reproductive technologies it is amazing because its another example of my theory of the “technological transformation of medicine.”  For some time I have posted that I predict medical robots will really take off when they re no longer designed to mimic the human hand but to be like industrial function driven task solvers.  its just a matter of time until these complex surgical tasks can be automated. 

I’ll start woking on geting a link to show it to you…

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