DITM at Podcamp NYC


In preparation for my two new podcast projects I spent the day at Podcamp NYC- the “unconference” of podcasters.  THe idea of an unconference is that the participants script the events – or more accurately – they occur spontaneously.  There is not spposed to be formal invitees or corporate ownership but rather the players and audience are one.  All can speak and the event informally spills into the space.  Once they signed up 1000 people the tides turned a bit as a formal schedule got written and corporate aponsors jumped aboard.  I didn’t care.  It was well organized and a wonderful mix of podcasters and vbloggers from around the globe.  I met so many great people and got a chance to pick their brains and share ideas.  The concept of the meeting worked!

I especially enjoyed meeting and speaking with the leaders of blip.tv about how far vblogging and I-TV can go, podcasting guru Jason Van Ordern on marketing and promotion, podandgo and rawvoice on networks of podcasters, and countless widget app vendors – not to mentionall the people in the halls trading technical audio and video tips.

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