Pill-Cams Take New Diagnostic Turn- Possibilities are Endless!


Recently approved by the FDA, SmartPill is the next generation of swallowable GI diagnostics.  I have been involved as an MD in miniaturized endoscopy for some time.  This is an important advancement since it is the first time the sensor has moved beyond visual imaging to other diagnostics.  The swallowable pill technology is not new.  Originally developed by NASA to measure core temperature of astronauts (I used this capsule in research on menopausal hot flashes 10 years ago).  The next major breakthrough was by Israeli company Given Imaging who put a small video camera and location system to provide images of GI pathology.  SmartPill sets the sage for endless diagnostics and therapeutics in addition to video.  See our posts about self propelled devices for other body cavities earlier.  

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