Near IR Vein Reader at CES 2007


I have written a lot on the use of near ir (NIR) technology for visualizing veins through your skin.  Beyond this use, using wavelengths of light beyond normal human vision is the first application of what I call “future vision” as part of the radical transformation of surgery.  You can read more about type of technology with a video of my veins here and other ideas of mine for surgical microscopy along this line here.

At CES 2007  a new device using this technology for biometrics was shown.  The PalmSecure(TM) authentication system works by capturing a person’s vein pattern image while radiating it with near-infrared rays. The sensor utilizes the latest in biometric security technology.

You can read more about this device here.

According to the manufacturer:

How does Palm Vein work?
PalmVein captures the unique palm vein image via near-infrared radiation. The deoxygenated haemoglobin in the palm absorbs these rays causing the veins to appear as a black pattern. This vein pattern is then verified against vein patterns stored in a database to authenticate the individual.

Hey the best and scariest biometric feature is it can tell the difference between a live and a chopped off dead hand.  I do not even want to ask why they felt they had to put that in the promotional materials but the conference is in Vegas..

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