CES OLED Innovation for Future Med

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Engadget reports a new Sony OLED HD TV at CES–

I can guarantee you will see OLED’s in a next generation surgical video display and in a surgical HMD

Some people need bigger and better LCDs, but we’re just fine with the 27-inch prototype Sony mentioned during its press conference yesterday. With a contrast ratio of greater than 1,000,000:1 (not a misprint) to go with its 1080p resolution, and >100% NTSC color reproduction, we’ll take this Organic LED great looks in a small package any day. We promised to hunt it down on the show floor and so we did, finding it hiding amongst a rookery of 11-inch displays. Take a look at the gallery for a few more shots of this HDTV and hope it hits shelves someday.

OLED has many attributed making it ideal for a medical display unit.  Especially high contrast and the ability to produce it on a thin flexible film enabling new unimagined displays. Other advantages include:

OLEDs can provide desirable advantages over today’s liquid crystal displays (LCDs), as well as benefits to product designers and end users. OLEDs feature:

 Excellent grayscale
Full-motion video
Wide viewing angles from all directions
A wide range of pixel sizes
Low power consumption
Low operating voltages
Wide operating temperature range
Long operating lifetime
A thin and lightweight form factor
Cost-effective manufacturability


Imagine having a high-definition TV that is 80 inches wide and less than a quarter-inch thick, consumes less power than most TVs on the market today and can be rolled up when you’re not using it.

    You can read a lot about how they work here 

    oled-cell.gifstructure of OLED’s

      oled-process.gifhow its made

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