DITM 2 New Podcast Projects Close to Launch!


New Podcast Projects:  The past two weeks have been a wild ride of fun and excitement!  I have two podcast projects undergoing the final edits prior to launcing.  The first is the docinthemachine podcast focusing on the new technology and medical breakthroughts of this blog.  The second, is a major new medical education project – still under wraps.  I’ve had some major breakthroughs in the development of both.  First, we have set up a trio of partnerships.  The first is with a professional audio studio that will be the home of the podcast recording and production.  In conjunction with this we have a pro Jazz musician and his band to provide some cool smooth jazz for the show.  My hi-tech upgrade to the studio was adding a digital hybrid the telos one to the setup.  (electronics note– if looking into this check out posts on mix-minus set-ups and this great site here for audio podcasting tips).  A digital hybrid processes POTS telephone signals splitting the callers into separate audio tracks allowing high quality recording of my upcoming phone interviews.  Just as exciting is a partnership with a major medical on-line site that will handle the hosting and outreach to the medical and lay communities.  I just back back from the studio where we were recording the last bit of audio and we’ll wrap up some more interviews tomorrow before the launch.  The response so far has been overwhelming from people in the medical and tech industries and from sponsors helping out with production costs.  More news to comeas we approach launch day!

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