New No Incision Surgery- Amazing Case Study of Procedure Looking For a Use

Cnn reports today from a national meeting of bariatric surgeons.  They describe a keynote talk of the future of non-incisional surgery called NOTES- that has NO REAL USE YET!  This is the Alien stomach buster operation I have written about.  This is an amazing case study on technology looking for a use in medicine.  Several meetings I have attended have been abuzz withtalk of how to use it and what is it s potential.  Just read between the lines of the CNN piece and you will see that neither the doctor nor the big medical equipment compnay has a clear use of the technology.  I know a surgeon on the medical advisory board of one of the big surgical compnaies who talked to me in the ER about this last week while we waited for lab results to come back on one of our patients. He talked to me of working in their lab trying to figure out a use for the technology. A leading general surgeon I have worked with is going onsabattical to travel to india to see what uses NOTES may have.  Just amazing all this hype and no clear use yet.  I eagerly wait to see if one will be found or if I can imagine one to invent… 

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