Welcome to the New Multimedia Fertility & Sterility

Medical research teaching has remained essentially unchanged for over 200 years….until now. Dr. Steven Palter has been named the first ever Editor for video and New Media for the world’s leading fertility journal Fertility & Sterility. F&S is the official publication of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

I am excited to lead the lead the digital initiative of the journal into the 21st century.   In this video I discuss with Co-editors in Chief Craig Niederber and Antonio Pellicer a series of initiatives to transform how fertility and medical research in general is published shared and taught. See the exciting new developments in multimedia interactivity in Fertility & Sterility and how they can help you keep up with the explosive volume of new developments.

Together we discuss medical research, online interactivity, the guttenberg revolution, and what a Tom Petty concert, a kindle and an iPOD have to do with the future of medicine.


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