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Medgadget posted on yet another IR based visualization gadget – this time for derm use.  I have been writing on my view of the upcoming radical transformation of medicine by future technology.  The first major step is the development of “Alternate visualization”- where doctors gain abilities their native bodies (or eyes) lack. 

European Technology Innovation of the Year award for SIAscope. Spectrophotometric intra-cutaneous analysis lets doctors see the constituents of skin without cutting it open.

Astron Clinica’s SIAscopy utilises both visible and infrared (IR) light to examine skin components such as blood, melanin, dermal melanin and collagen to a depth of 2 mm below the skin’s surface, and provides gross living pathological data on skin lesions,” notes Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Sangeetha Prabakar.

“This eliminates the need for other more laborious clinical examination and laboratory analysis procedures.” Using sophisticated mathematical models and software programmes, SIAscopy generates images called SIAscans, which can then either be displayed on PCs, viewed separately or overlaid, to demonstrate how skin features relate to one another. This allows physicians to know the exact size of a lesion and make more precise incisions.

Read more about medical IR and Near IR vision here and here.

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