Mini Robot Swims Through Body



Ok I could not resist.  I will posting a series of examinations of my vision for the post-endoscopy future.   One of the key developments I forsee are miniaturized self-contained imaging (and then terapeutic) robots.  Crazy you say!  Well an Israeli compnay has just gone one step further towards realization.  As medgadget reported

Israel21c interviewed Dr. Moshe Shoham from Haifa’s Technion, who claims the development of a novel propulsion system for a miniature robot, expected at first to swim through cerebrospinal fluid in the central nervous system, and then, possibly, through other fluid-filled cavities for diagnostic purposes.

The Univesity profiles it here.

I just came back from the AAGL 35th Global congress on Gyn Endoscopy where I gave a general session lecture on just this very concept. Fantastic voyage is coming.  oday there are pill-cam capsules you swallow.  Tomorrow the MArs rover makes a local stop in your gut.  Much much more on this topic to come in the next few days….

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