Docinthemachine Guest Blogging at Medgadget!


I am very excited to begin guest blogging over at Medgadget!  I am sure many of you are familiar with the site.  Medgadget is a hugely popular site that reviews new medical devices.  My first post is Bionic Implants Available Today: Docinthemachine Guest Post and reviews the state of the art of current human bionics; technology and ethics.

Medgadget is edited by Michael Ostrovsky, M.D. & Nicholas Genes, M.D., Ph.D. (of blogborygmi and grand rounds fame) & Timothy Odell along with webmaster Gene Ostrovsky.  After admiring their work from when I began blogging, I was honored to be one of their finalists for best medical technology blog 2006.  Then the real suprise cam when I received an email from Nich & Michael asking if I would consider guest blogging on medgagdet as a regular feature. 

They wrote:

I was also talking this over with my colleagues at, we’re grateful for your comments to the site and were wondering if you’d like to formalize your relationship, which is to say, write for Medgadget. As we talked about it, you could post about your research, other technology that catches your eye, your expectations for future development. 

Since I have ideas galore and love their site I quickly wrote back – YES!

Thank you so much for the kind words and your support.  As far as medgadget, I know the site well and greatly respect and enjoy it.  I am honored by your request.  

After we got this arranged I found out Nick and Gene were both invited to the J&J Blogging Summiit in NYC along with me.  We had a great discussion and exchange of ideas and made arrangements for me to start guest blogging. 

beppetrio21.jpgGene, myself, and Nick at the Medical Blogging Dinner

I hope you will all go check out my gest blogging.  Please send comments to me here or the medgadget people over on their site and let us know if you enjoy my visit over there.  I plan on posting on their site very other week or so.

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