Male Contraception- They Just Copied Us Gynecologists

vas-ed.jpg                   essure-photo-opt.jpg

prototype for boy parts              for girl parts (available now)

Medgadget reports on a potential new male contraceptive technology today following a press release from Shepherd Medical Company.  They write: 

“Shepherd Medical Company is gearing up to conduct a clinical trial for the IVD, or Intra Vas Device, a long-term male contraceptive that works by plugging the vas deferens, allowing for a potential “return to duty,” at least compared to the very-permanent vasectomy.” 

Q:Where did this come from? (A: gynecology)  Q: Is this new?  (A: no)  Q:Why now? (A: the potential to make $ piggybacking a major gynecologic product.   Plugs of this sort were developed decades ago.  Initial studies did not work very well.  Most studies were in the human fallopian tube (by my Friend the Late Jay Cooper, MD).  Unfortunately, they did not seal the human tube well enough.  Fast forward to the 1990′s – Conceptus ( a fertility enhancing company who I did some work with in looking inside the human fallopian tube) decides to go the other way and make a tubal blockage device.  What they did differently was construct the plug from a filamentous material with a surrounding metal coil (called Essure).  The coil holds it in place and the filaments promote the growth of the scar plug.     

The newest version of this is called Adiana where a radiofrquency device heats the tube opening and then applies a polymer plug.  The combo promotes the scar formation.  Many of my colleagues are excited about these and the results I have seen look very promising.  If the info from gyn applies to urology as well the simple plug without permanent scarring won’t work.

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