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September 11, 2006…  The launch of docinthemachine.  What a dark and somber day today was on the 5th anniversary of 9-11.  I am reminded of how fast the flood of information comes at us today and how the pace of change has sped up.  Information is everywhere and is more readily accessible than ever before.  The attacks of 9-11 were surely enabled by access to information electronic networks linking operatives across the globe yet used by those who see change and progress and inherently evil.  Information is enabling and liberating and has the power to enable uprisings against those who seek to enslave with fear and ignorance. 

 I live in the world of medicine and see the effects of information dissemination daily.  It may be patients who walk into the office with a grasp of subtleties of a rare illness that 5 years ago they could never have even found the name of without a doctor.  It may be the launch of a new device or diagnostic test unimagined 5 years ago that will transform my practice. New technology in medicine is enabling and disruptive.  I have always been drawn to what’s new and looked at things asking “why don’t we try it in this new way?” or “why can’t we do that with it?”  Therein lies my passion.  Nothing is more exciting than having a developer come to me with a concept or idea for a new device or technology and working to make it real to transform the care of my patients.  However, the most exciting developments will fundamentally change or make obsolete current practice!
These concepts are the basis for this discussion:
1)    To discuss new developments and breakthroughs in medical technology
2)    To uncover technology from outside medicine that will transform future medicine
3)    To examine those disruptive technologies that will revolutionize medical practice

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