HD endoscopy system in regular use


We have now implemented the Stryker 1088 HD system into regular use for laparoscopic and hysteroscopic procedures.  Housed in an integrated OR there are three flat panel LCD screens, all components are boom mounted and all video goes through a central bus.  I performed the world’s first HD laparoscopy 6 years ago and it’s great to see these systems commericalized after such a long wait.  IN upcoming days I’ll print in depth reviiews of this new system as well as others that I have been fortunate to have tested while in development.  In short this system is very nice but does not deliver the resolution and benefits of HD expected.  Further testing will determine if the fault lies in the panels or the camera.  One striking difference between this and the first prototypes we tested in 2000 (developed by JVC for microscopy originally) is that that true 1080i system yielded a pseudo 3-D depth perception as a result of the high resolution.  This phenom is readily sen on high quality HDTV’s and was also visible in the large format broadcast I did at the 2000 AAGL meeting.  More to come but HD continues to push the visual info available for endoscopic surgery.

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