Grand Rounds – Volume 3 number 9 is Up!

Thanks to Dr. Anonymous for all his work on this edition of GR.  He had the daunting task of editing a GR with a limited post number to try to keep it hot and all of outstanding caliber (and one readers could get through)

Welcome to the most anticipated Grand Rounds in a long time! These are the 27 best posts that the medical blogosphere has to offer this week. In my editor’s picks, I wanted to highlight well-written stories.

Thanks to him for including my post on alternate visualization- in the start of my FutureSurgery Series.  This post reviews the cutting edge (bleeding edge?) of surgical procedures.  I review ways technology augments and increases what my native body can do.  It’s the future…

As far as Grand Rounds itself do check out Kim at Emergiblog’s discussion of what is the purpose of GR and should all submissions be accepted.  A very hot topic.  For me it’s interesting that recent editors are stressing the literary side of medical stories exclusively.  I had one tell me my cutting edge post did not have a “story” besides the facts.  These literary pieces are fantastic but to ignore factually and scientific posts or those directly targeted to a medical audience weakens the concept of the best of the medical blogosphere. 

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