Grand Rounds – Volume 3, Number 12 is Up!


This week’s grand rounds has a Charlie Brown Christmas Theme and is hosted at Nurse Ratched’s Place .  I am happy to see that she chose a diverse group of faactual and literary posts (they way I think grand rounds should be). Many of my favorite bloggers are there Kim from Emergiblog, Doctor Hébert’s Medical Gumbo, Surgeon’s Blog, Dr. Anonymous, and yours truely docinthemachine.

I appreciate being selected again for this round-up of the best of the medical blogosphere.  My post is a bit different from what I usually do.  No military medical wizz-bang here but the topic has the potential to radically transform medicine nonetheless.  In my post Is medical publishing dead? I write about the rise of medical epublishing in research journals.  You’ll find info about the general literary trend in fiction of e-pub and then information about how medical research journals anre faolowing this path.  Why so important?  Well-  this is the start of an open source opne access movement in medical research that will open access like never before to new findings.  It also changes how medicical research is accessed and the worldwide submission and review process.  I provide info from articles on the subject, my experience as a journal reviewwer and ineterviews with a journal editor.  The challenge is for the journals to not go bankrupt in the process.  Hope you enjoy! 

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