Grand Rounds, Vol. 3 No. 12 is Up

 Grand Rounds, Vol. 3 No. 12 – (and another great well rounded one) is up at Anxiety, Addiction and Depression Treatments  a really fascinating mental health site.  Once again the editor had to pick the best of the medical bloggers and was not able to include all posts.  They are well organized into very diverse categories.  I am happy we were picked again–

Many people are content to have a working grasp of today’s medical technologies, but the docinthemachine has his eye to the future. In this excellent post he discusses how cuts in military research will impact new medical technologies currently in development.

This has been a big docinthemachine link week since we got linked to by slashdot (1500 visitor in a day) instapundit, engadget, grandrounds, medgadget, and emergiblog – not to mention all the amazing new blogs I discovered when the came a-linking.  All my biggies at once!  Boy it was fun to watch the hits roll in!  Thanks to all our new visitors and I hope to see you back.

Weblog awards voting still up- docinthemachine in the running:  Docinthemachine has been nominated for best medical blog in the 2006 weblogawards. If you enjoyed this site please vote here or by clicking the icon and then choosing docinthemachine and vote:

The 2006 Weblog Awards  

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