Grand Rounds Vol. 3, No. 10 is Up!

Thanks to Dr. RW for an excellent Grand Rounds.  I especially like this one for including a series of purely clinical posts.  There has been a discussion running about the purpose of GR and some think it should only be literary pieces aimed at the lay public.  I think the best of themedical blogosphere can excel with diversity and love the clinical and technical pieces.  Of course I am also delighted that my post (shameless self-plug) was included!  This is the post of my original research that identified a new form of uterine infertility – however the findings suggest that in cases of abnormal bleeding we may actually WANT to cause this disease to trick the uterus in shutting it own menses off.

Our “From Bench to Blogosphere” segment features docinthemachine with some original research he recently presented before the American Association of Gynecological Laparoscopists on a little appreciated variant of Asherman’s Syndrome along with discussion about potential applicability to the treatment of other gynecological disorders.

Thanks also to Roland Piquepaille for his in depth review of my prize winning research on a new type of surgical camera/laparoscope that can see disease invisible to the naked eye. For those visitors from the medical realm not ramiliar with him, he is  aleading tech blogger who posts from Paris on his own blog and on the emerging technology blog at Ziff-Davis (they publish just about every computer magazine)- both worth checking out! 

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