Grand Rounds is Up!

This weeks Grand Round is up at signout, a site run by a medical intern (a flea and a tern to those in the ‘biz) with lots of med goodness.  I really liked the organization folowing a medical article and it is very easy to read with great posts.  I usuallly HATE themed GR (too limiting) but this one was done with flexibility and is great.

As they write on the theme: “bloggers’ thoughts on the interface of scientific evidence with health and health care”.

Thanks to signout for including my post on electronic medical publishing – Is paper medical publishing dead?  This post reviews  the economics of ebooks and epublishing.  This correctly portends the inevitabe replacement of a significant amount of publishing (most?) by electronic replacements.  Several tends and technologies are poised to help push this.  My post reviews the tends in ebook publishing in general and specifically the open source and electronic revolution in medical publishing.  Info from medical journal editors I spoke with and my opinion as a reviewer are included.

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