Google Voice Activated:Should I Choose a Local Phone Number?

Well I got a couple of invitations for google voice and decided it would be a cool idea to try out.  However I am certainly not sure that telling the phone grid where I am 24/7 and how to follow me is thebbest idea.  This is a bout as opposite as off the grid as I can get right now.  Hopefully the privacy screening options will be worth it!

My big di,emma is what phone number to choose.  So far you can’t yet port your old cell # to GV.  That leaves two options  1) pick an cool easy to remember word spelled out in the number– advantage –slick but it will be in an area code far from where you have ever lived or 2) a local number that’s yet another random set of digits.

I went for the easy to remember non-local number.  Unfortunately I now have an endless series of “when did you move to Chicago?” questions.  Not the mention friends with landlines too upset at the toll charges.

Seems like a $10 fee to google will let me change to the meaningless local number.  Wish a local number could spell something easy to remember in NY.

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