Docinthemachine Fever Spreads- Podcasts and Video Coming Soon!

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Thank you so very much to all the readers and supporters of docinthemachine.  In the few short months that DITM has been up (since 9/11/06) the interest has been growing exponentially (does it follow Moore’s Law?). 

Thanks to all the Grand Rounds Editors who have linked to my posts, to Kim at Emergiblog for her enthusiastic support of infertility tech advances and to Michael and the team at Medgadget for interest in all my things techno. 

I am excited to announce that my entire plenary session on “FutureVision- The Revolution in Surgery”  was recorded at the 35th Annual AAGL Global Endoscopy Congress and will be streamed on the net by the AAGL and!  The session focuses on my vision that we are on the verge of a radical transformation of surgery as a result of technological advances.

Endoscopy set the stage for technology to step between the doctor and the patient.  Now it will augment our vision, add capabilities that human hands do not have, and then reinvent itself into miniaturized devices inside the body coupled with noninvasive 3d reconstruced images controlled remotely on workstations.   This is just the beginning and the first clinical steps have already been taken… Read about augmented surgical abilities here.

Happily AAGL and chose this theme for one of their first podcasts.  I hope you all enjoy it.  Links to the podcast, the streaming video, and vblogs are all coming soon!

happy turkey day to all.

Update: We got Instalanched!  Thanks to Instapundit for linking to us today Not to mention “neatorama” – even FArk hits have started…

PODCAST LIVE UPDATE: Don’t blink first podcast link live!!!  Here is the link to the podcast of my interview at the Global AAGL congress– we discuss my vision for the coming radical transformation of surgery.  For now the society requires you to (free) register to listen.  The interview is at the bottom of the podcast section under “future seeing Dr Steven Palter”

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