Docinthemachine Expands Fertility Analysis and Reporting

Since its inception docinthemachine has focused on sharing a vision of how technology can transform medicine.  I am excited to expand my postings and analysis of all things related to fertility diagnosis and treatment.  As most of you are aware I am a board certified reproductive endocrinologist — which is an Ob Gyn with addition training and expertise in infertility.  i am currently the Medical and Scientific Director at Gold Coast IVF in Syosset, NY.  When I first started DITM I planned on setting up a second blog solely focused on infertility.  With the efforts required to post here and continue my clinical practice and research that idea sat on my “to do” list.  I have frequently posted on fertility topics here nonetheless.

After some sould-searching and planning and discussions with my good friends and fellow med bloggers Nick Genes and Gene from Medgadget  I have decided to jut add all that content here to docinthemachine.  While it does not have a sexy-fertility name its a part of me that has a fantastic group of readers…  Everyone I spoke with unanimously agreed to just expand the content here!

So stay tuned for more fertility related posts in the days to come. 

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