DITM Returns from Conferences- Let the Posts Begin!



I’ve been a busy little doc the last two weeks.  My research on the development of the autofluorescent laparoscope was awarded a prize paper at the SLS (Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons), the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), and 2 prizes at the AAGL (“Advancing Minimally Invasive Gynecology Worldwide”).  I am truly honored by the recognition of my work. 

I will be following with posts on all the new technology I saw at these meetings.  Miniaturized endoscopes, stem cell research, preimplantation genetic testing, embryo metabolomics, 3D systems, etc.

I also saw incredible prototypes of new devices, tools, robotics, and visualization – will post as soon as the confidentiality restrictions are freed up. Not ready to go to jail!  The best stuff was hidden in hotel rooms at the Paris in Vegas and never made it to the light of the exhbit floor… 

I am also honored to have been chosen by the AAGL to have delivered the general session lecture on “Future Vision”.  This session layed out my vision for the future on minimaly invasive surgery after endoscopy is obsolete.  Looking 10+ years into the future I presented a summary of the current developments in minaturized self-contained robots in the body, virtual endoscopy using high power CT scans linked to 3D reconstructing computers, and virtual reality technology to present and manipulate the data.  This was a multimedia view of military, computer, and robotic technologies poised to transform medicine as we know it….

The response to the talk was overwhelming and the society is arranging to stream video of it over the net.  I will provide links when they go live.  Obgyn.net also did a podcast interview with me on this concept of “Future Vision-Technology Transforming Medicine” (links coming). 

All coming soon! 

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