DITM Finalist for Weblog Award 2006!- Best Medical Blog

The 2006 Weblog Awards

DITM Fever Spreads! What a wonderful day for DITM. The 2006 Weblog Award Finalists List was just posted– there it is in black and white to my delight: docinthemachine – finalist for best medical blog! We have been chosen in the top 10 which means we are in the running! As they say vote early and vote often! Please come show your support for my vision of future technolgy’s impact on medicine. The voting links do not seem to be up yet but will supposedly be up for 10 days with a one vote per person per day rule. They say there were 4500 nominations so this is a proud day for this blog!

UPDATE: voting links now up to vote click here – each person is allowed 1 vote per day

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