Another Day Another EMR Data Breech: Shades of Things to Come

I have been doing quite a lot of work lately on setting up redundant network attached servers and cloud storage systems for what is now about 2TB of data.  It has been increasingly clear to me that none of the systems I see would be adequate for the panacea that everyone thinks EMR’s are.  I predict we are in for a huge wave of data security breeches at best and total data losses at worst.  many docs using EMR’s I’ve seen have woefully inadequate data security and backup plans.

Just reported: another day, another privacy breach. New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University Medical Center “inadvertently” posted the personal information of about 6,800 patients–including names, clinical data and 10 social security numbers–online, reports the New York Times. While the breach was discovered in July (after a patient’s relative saw the information online), the hospital and medical center didn’t announce the problem until yesterday because of an ongoing investigation.

The personal information was accidentally placed on a server, but has since been removed, the hospital said in a statement.

During the breach, exposed data such as names, ages, surgical status, temperature and pulse became accessible to search engines, Myrna Manners, a NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital spokeswoman told the Times. Patient diagnoses were not disclosed, she noted.

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