CES 2007 Innovation- Medical Future Tech


CES 2007 is in full swing in Las Vegas.  As you know thi sis a pure consumer gadget conference.  What’s this got to do with med tech you ask?  Every year there is some new innovative technology shown that I predict could be used to enable some new development in medical tools.  Unfortunately, the medical market pales in comparison with the size of the consumer electronic marketplace.  Back in 2001 when I performed the first HDTV laparoscopy I tried desperately to convince the consumer electronics giant who made the camera to expand into the medical endoscopy business.  The entire potenetial medical market was so small that it was just a distraction for them and they decided not to go med.  Today finally this technology has reached mainstream medical endoscopy.

Stay tuned for a series of new developments from CES as I uncover the best new tech that could cross over to the medical side.

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