World’s First “4k” Laparoscopy Performed- Surgery in 4X HD!

I am so excited to report that I have performed the world’s first laparoscopy in 4K – using cameras with a resolution 4 times that of HD. I presented the details and shared the images with a crowd of 3500 at the 65th Annual Meeting of the ASRM this week in Atlanta in my invited […]

Robotic Sperm Injection Into Egg Developed!

Amazing video shown at ASRM annual meeting.  Drs. Sun and Casper out of Toronto have developed a prototype of a robotic system that can perform ICSI– or intracytoplasmic sperm injection.  This is frequently used in IVF where the sperm as so few or weak that they cannot fertilize eggs.  Usually a skilled technician injects a […]

Military Prototype “Blob” Robot–Countless Medical Potentials!

iRobot make the cutecuddly roomba vacuum-bots— but you may not realize the real business of this company is battle ready military battle bots on the front line in Iraq.  Just released is video of Jambots”.  jamming is the use of a rubber structure filled with particles were fluid or air is shifted to make the […]

It Is Possible to Reverse Sexes!

Well today I heard a really bizarre lecture at the ASRM annual meeting in Atlanta.  Robin Lovell-Badge from the stem cell bio branch of UK National Institute for medical Research reported new genetic finds that gonadal sex in mammals is potentially reversible after birth! It has been known that to make a testicle the male […]

ASRM Fertility Group Expels Octomom Doctor

I am at the ASRM annual international fertility conference in Atlanta.  Tonight the responsibility we have to our patients was discussed in bold statements at the president’s opening address. The octomom controversy regarding the number of embryos transferred was discussed as well as our organization’s commitment to our guideline policies (which were violated in extreme […]

Guess Who’s Back?

Well friends and readers– recent times became busier than every before and I had to take posting hiatus.  I am delighted to be back and hopefully better than ever! I’ll be covering all the best medical technology and innovation as before but will expand my posts to infertility evaluation and treatments as well.  Stay tuned for […]

Welcome Back DITM!

Welcome back to DITM– It has been some incredibly busy times with so many exciting new projects.  I’m hppy to be back and provide a fresh set of visions of the impact of future technology on medicine.  After a year of prep I just gave a Keynote lecture at the International Congress of Endoscopy where […]

New FDA 510(k) Approvals for March 2008- Part 2-Endoscope Multi-instrument Accessory Channel

The FDA has published its 510(k) approval letters for March 2008. In terms of surgery, endoscopy, and imaging a few items caught my eye. Part 1 looked at a new monitor.  Here is a device from Ethicon that allows accessory instruments to be placed along with endoscopes- primarily for flexible scopes primarily used for the […]

Docinthemachine is Back!

[youtube]v/C1iSKw5vieY[/youtube] Hello again all my friends, supporters, and loyal readers! After far too long of an absence I am back. So much time has passed and so much has happened that I wanted to fill you all in and welcome you back to my regular schedule of postings on all new in medical technology. So […]

Docinthemachine Goes to Hollywood With National Geographic in High Def!

Docinthemachine is off to Hollywood to speak about my research on HDTV  surgery as featured on an upcoming National Geographic show – “Inside the Living Body”. So much incredibly exciting work has been happening that I wanted to share the details.  I have been a champion of high definition TV in medical visualization and surgery […]