Get Ready for TSA-Like ID Checks in Doctor’s Offices!

The Red Flags Rule is an anti-fraud regulation, requiring “creditors” and “financial institutions” with covered accounts to implement programs to identify, detect, and respond to the warning signs, or “red flags,” that could indicate identity theft.  Doctors have been included in the creditor definition.    FTC continues to assert that physicians’ practices are entities covered […]

Encrypt EHR — Else HIPAA Violations Need Be Reported To Government & Media

Ensure Patient Info is Encrypted to Be Exempt from Breach Regs New regulations issued by the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) require physicians and other individuals and entities covered under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to notify individuals when their health information has been breached. A “breach” means the “acquisition, […]

Medicare Ends Reimbursement for Consultation Codes January 1, 2010!!!

A consultation is performed when one doctor requests another doctor perform a comprehensive evaluation of a patient.  Its usually asked of a specialist for complex cases.  The specialist will review all past records from the other doctor examine the patient order appropriate tests and then prepare a comprehensive written report back to the original doctor (if […]

Having a Bad Day at Work? Not as Bad as This Guy!

A Really Bad Day…

Obesity Proven to Decrease IVF Success Rates

I have been sharing details of outstanding presentations from te 65th American Society for Reproductive Medicine Annual International Conference.   A multicenter study confirmed that maternal obesity lowers IVF success rates and the health of the pregnancy.  The study was performed at U Michigan, Dartmouth, and Brigham and Women’s Hospitals.  However the data was abstracted from […]

Verizon Blitzes Smartphone Releases Next 60 Days

Boygeniusreport just posted leaked verizon info that they plan on releasing up to 15 new smartphones by year’s end. Recommendations are to wait and not run to get the google android 2.0 Motorola droid when it releases at week’s end. I use a smartphone on verizon wireless to continuoulsy synch my office schedule wirelessly with […]

Google Voice Activated:Should I Choose a Local Phone Number?

Well I got a couple of invitations for google voice and decided it would be a cool idea to try out.  However I am certainly not sure that telling the phone grid where I am 24/7 and how to follow me is thebbest idea.  This is a bout as opposite as off the grid as […]

New 5K+ Res Video/Still Camera Blows Away All

Details just released on the specs performance dates and costs of Red’s new video still camera device poised to blow away both still and film worlds.  Of course I have been waiting for this for the operating room to couple to my scopes…. Red is the company who I collaborated with for my recent ultra HD […]

New Method of Embryo Genetic Testing: Changing Fertility Treatment

I just got back from the 65th annual American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) meeting in Atlanta.  After all the excitement of my plenary talkon the development of ultraHD surgery I had a chance to scour the exhibit hall and go to my choice of key breaking research presentations.  One that struck my immediate attention was […]

New 4K and 3D Tools at HD Expo– As I Predicted For the Operating Room

     HD EXPO – Createasphere: The Event for Content Creators!   EXPOSITION: November 4-5, 2009 at the Burbank Marriott  Cool Things at HD EXPO PANASONIC FULL HD 3D HOME THEATER TRUCK TOUR Multi-Vehicle, Nationwide Tour Gives Public a First Look at 3D for Home – The truck tour offers HD EXPO-CREATEASPHERE attendees a look at Panasonic’s Full […]