Another Day Another EMR Data Breech: Shades of Things to Come

I have been doing quite a lot of work lately on setting up redundant network attached servers and cloud storage systems for what is now about 2TB of data.  It has been increasingly clear to me that none of the systems I see would be adequate for the panacea that everyone thinks EMR’s are.  I […]

Don’t Let You Doctor Order These 10 Useless Lab Test Docs Won’t Stop Getting

New Study in the current issue of the American Journal of Managed Care, found that many doctors continue to order antiquated tests of minimal to no usefulness. The 10 tests (dating back to the 1960′s) are: creatine kinase-MB myoglobin serum folate blood cell folate amylase lecithin/sphingomyelin ratio testing qualitative serum human chorionic gonadotropin prostatic acid […]

The Next Revolution in Medical Devices: Self-Design and Prototyping


have just returned from the Maker Faire and have seen the future of medical device innovation, invention, and design– Self-design and rapid home prototyping.  For those unfamiliar with the jargon basically technology now exists that can allow the creation of a working prototype of a device from idea to an actual working hand-held version in […]

How Much is Your Baby’s Life Worth? Experts Use Economics to Decide on Genetic Screening

Screening all pregnant women for a rare but fatal genetic disease is too expensive, researchers say in a new report that adds to a recent controversy about whether genetic tests are worth the cost.   The research is reported in the new issue of AMJOG and reported in summary here. While scientists can already screen for […]

Breaking News: Vitabiv Antibiotic Associated With Birth Defects

I have just received a breaking news update from Astellas regarding risks of using their antibiotic Vitabiv in pregnant women.   This is one of the most strongly worded warnings on use of an antibiotic in pregnancy I have seen recently.  I received a generic warning update last week from the American College of Ob Gyn […]

6 Steps To Getting More Accurate Medical Diagnoses

6 Steps to get more accurate medical diagnoses was just printed by US News and World Reports along with Newsday.  I was interviewed for this segment and asked to share some of the methods I developed and use to deliver the best possible results for my patients with infertility at Gold Coast IVF in Syosset, NY.  […]

Listeriosis Risk to Fetuses Higher than Thought

Listeriosis Risk to Fetuses Higher than Thought The risk of listeriosis in pregnant women and their fetuses is greater than previously thought, researchers said. Listeria monocytogenes — one of the most dangerous foodborne pathogens in the U.S. — can cause miscarriages and stillbirths, according to Mary Alice Smith, PhD, and colleagues at the University of […]

Report Releases Top 10 US Healthcare Systems By Revenue: VA is #1

Top 10 Healthcare Systems by Revenue (ranked by net patient revenue $ millions) 1. U.S. Veterans Affairs Dept $40,686.5 2. HCA, Inc. $28,374.0 3. Ascension Health $12,720.6 4. Community Health Systems $10,840.1 5. NY Presbyterian Healthcare Sys $8,458.3 6. Tenet Healthcare Corp. $8,348.0 7. Catholic Health Initiatives $7,817.1 8. Catholic Healthcare West $7,596.2 9. Sutter […]

USPSTF Drops Breast Self Exam- Delays Mamogram Until 50- OBGYN Groups Disagree

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force issues new breast cancer screening recommendations. See ACOG’s response and more details on the methodology and implications.

7 Ways To Prevent Identity Theft in Medical Offices

I previously wrote about the proposed FTC “Red Flag” regulations that will make doctors responsible for verifying photo IDs and protecting patient identities that no one yet knows how to possibly deal with.   Here’s some immediate practical steps you can take  —Seven steps you can take to thwart medical identity theft and minimize its impact […]