Hand Gesture Control Video

[wpyt_profile1]1qjEiF8orHg[/wpyt_profile1] I previously wrote on the fogscreen display system. Just as interesting as the display system is a demo of the hand gesture control concept. Here hands point in space and the display responds with electric ink. There must be a video tracking system trnslating the movements into mouse controls. I can forsee systems where […]

Another Vapor Projector at Nextfest with Gesture Control Video

[wpyt_profile1]khkx3zDMs5w[/wpyt_profile1] In addition to the fogscreen display overhead as you entered Nextfest there was another water vapor-based projection system.  Heliodisplay from IOtechnology also projects moving images onto a stream of vapor.  They also have an interactive gesture controled version.  Generates the same ideas to me for a gesture control surgical system.  Here my video of […]

New Robots with Whiskers- Cut Off Their Hands

Northwestern University Researchers are developing a robot with sensory whiskers. As eported in engadget- “The whiskers can sense shapes or the flow of liquid, all based on a single sensor at the base of each whisker. Even more impressively, the whiskers can accurately represent the contour of an object, just by brushing across it. There […]

NextFest 2: Hand Gesture Controlled Surgery and Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Minority Report                          Raytheon Army Version In my last post on Fogscreen I shared my vision for a future of alternative display technologies opening up new options for surgical imaging. Let me elaborate on what I have called the “hand gesture control” concept. In traditional surgery there is a direct interaction between surgeon and […]

Alternative Displays -Fogscreen:Update 1 from Nextfest

Projection image                Close-up of fog               projector I have a series of Nextfest updates coming.  These are the first of my photo/video reports.  An outstanding show at the Javits Center in NYC fromWired with advances in technology and cutting edge developments. The first impresion is the fogscreen display overhead as you pass into the exhibit hall.  Fogscreen […]

Veinviewer Sees Veins Under Skin For Simpler Blooddraw

The Wired Nextfest is currently underway in NYC (report and photos coming!).   One product featured is the VeinViewer from Luminetx.  This amazing device uses near infrared light to image blood vessels under the skin’s surface.  A projector then projects an image onto the skin providing a roadmap for blood-draws that will eliminate the need for […]

Docinthemachine Links Begin!

After just a week the links to docinthemachine have started!  Both the haptics newslog and medgadget.com have linked to us.  If you are not familiar with these sites check them out.  Haptics newslog is an in depth review of all applications of haptics and medgadget is a leading overview of all breaking news in medical […]

HD endoscopy system in regular use

We have now implemented the Stryker 1088 HD system into regular use for laparoscopic and hysteroscopic procedures.  Housed in an integrated OR there are three flat panel LCD screens, all components are boom mounted and all video goes through a central bus.  I performed the world’s first HD laparoscopy 6 years ago and it’s great […]

“Living Chips” Enable Nextgen Diagnosis/treatment

A University of Rochester Cardiologist is working to refine “biochips” — the promise lies in implantable devices working in synergy with human tissue to provide disease testing and monitoring.  Yet another installment in the implantbale future of medicine.

Pill-Cams Take New Diagnostic Turn- Possibilities are Endless!

Recently approved by the FDA, SmartPill is the next generation of swallowable GI diagnostics.  I have been involved as an MD in miniaturized endoscopy for some time.  This is an important advancement since it is the first time the sensor has moved beyond visual imaging to other diagnostics.  The swallowable pill technology is not new.  Originally […]