Teenager Plays Mind-Controlled Video Game

I previously reported on BrainGate-the neural interface that connected a paraplegic’s brain to a computer for cursor control.  Researchers at Wash U have reported a sytem that uses surface electrodes to provide similar function.  “With approval of the patient and his parents and the Washington University School of Medicine Institutional Review Board, Leuthardt and Moran connected […]

World’s Largest Seamless Display- Coming to the OR Someday

Engadget reports Are you ready to finally assemble your home theater? You’ve got all the elements picked out: the screen, the sound system — and a big projector. Well, if you really want the most awesome projector out there, you may want to head on down to Kentucky, where two university engineers, Christopher Jaynes and […]

Lifesaver from Nextfest

The single most important product shown at Nextfest in NYC was not a high tech electrnic gizmo at it.  It was Lifestraw profiled today in the NY times.  This $3 tube contains carbon filtration and a resin and is effective as a personal water purification system for up to 1 year (700 liters).It filters bacteria such […]

Male Contraception- They Just Copied Us Gynecologists

                    prototype for boy parts              for girl parts (available now) Medgadget reports on a potential new male contraceptive technology today following a press release from Shepherd Medical Company.  They write:  “Shepherd Medical Company is gearing up to conduct a clinical trial for the IVD, or Intra Vas Device, a long-term male contraceptive that works by plugging […]

First A Spider-Goat Next a Spider-Man

My last post was on Nexia Biotechnologies tranfection of a goat with a gene to produce spider silk.  I wanted to elaborate on the technology behind the process.  A complete description is available from the company. As a fertility specialist I know this technology well since it involves in vitro fertilization (IVF) and is the […]

Spider Silk Uses Reported- Mutant GoatSpider They Missed

This sucker spins webs. Medgadget reports on a review of uses of spider silk.  All kinds of neat potential spider-tech uses are mentioned in the article they quote. “Dr. Randolph V. Lewis from the Department of Molecular Biology, University of Wyoming, wrote a great review article about spider silk and its multiple possible uses for […]

World’s Thinnest LCD for Cell-Phones Also Good for Surgeon

Engadget reports of the world’s thinnest LCD for cell-phones from Toshiba.  In the OR we have been limited by the use of traditional display technologies.  One potential liberating technology is head mounted displays (HMD’s).  I have done research on these and used them in the OR.  Current technology is limited by weight, thickness, and resolution.  […]

Growing Organs Wins PM Award

              Tonight is the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards 2006.  The one medical innovation they got right is a technique for growing organs in the lab.  I was at a keynote lecture on this technology some years ago at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.  I do not think the lay press has really grasped the […]

Teleportation in Denmark!

Gizmodo reports on teleportation experiment.  What more can I say!  They write “Scientists in Copenhagen took one more step toward the Star Trek transporter, figuring out how to teleport groups of billions of atoms from one place to another using light, quantum mechanics, magnetism and a concept they call “entanglement.” Professor Eugene Polzik and his […]

Gesture Control Everywhere

Engadget just reported on Phillips prototype toy Drag and Draw.  Looks like yet another of what I call “gesture control” systems.  In the photo I see the pen and a control box.  Wonder if its got a video tracking system and projector in the box?  This control technology once mass produced will definitely make it […]