NextFest 2: Hand Gesture Controlled Surgery and Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Minority Report                          Raytheon Army Version In my last post on Fogscreen I shared my vision for a future of alternative display technologies opening up new options for surgical imaging. Let me elaborate on what I have called the “hand gesture control” concept. In traditional surgery there is a direct interaction between surgeon and […]

Alternative Displays -Fogscreen:Update 1 from Nextfest

Projection image                Close-up of fog               projector I have a series of Nextfest updates coming.  These are the first of my photo/video reports.  An outstanding show at the Javits Center in NYC fromWired with advances in technology and cutting edge developments. The first impresion is the fogscreen display overhead as you pass into the exhibit hall.  Fogscreen […]

Pill-Cams Take New Diagnostic Turn- Possibilities are Endless!

Recently approved by the FDA, SmartPill is the next generation of swallowable GI diagnostics.  I have been involved as an MD in miniaturized endoscopy for some time.  This is an important advancement since it is the first time the sensor has moved beyond visual imaging to other diagnostics.  The swallowable pill technology is not new.  Originally […]

Sisters Are Doing it For Themselves- Bionic arms

Several reports of Claudia Mitchell first woman with bionic arm from the same people who brought you the other bio arms– Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and DARPA.    

More on Brain Implants. Monkey Controls Robot Arm with Thought

While at my meeting with the army MD I also watched videos of the two monkeys with computers plugged into their brains. They just think of eating and command a robot arm to feed them.  Talk about couch potato. 

Army Also Has Thought Controlled Computer With Matrix-Brain-Plug

(these are the real ones- see below)   We wrote on the biolimbs earlier.  Even more amazing is the development of the Matrix-like computer neural plug into the brain.  Cyberkinetics is commercializing the Braingate system.  I saw videos of a quadraplegic controlling a computer with thoughts alone– via a port that plugs directly into his brain.  […]

MSNBC Reports Bionic Arm- But They Don’t Know About the Two Soldiers in Iraq…

   MSNBC today reports bionic limb in Jesse Sullivan.  Sorry folks its not the only!  We spoke last week with US Army MD who described two Soldiers in Iraq with replacement biolimb legs and we viewed video of previous bionic arms they have been developing.  US Army Human-Assisted Neural Devices (HAND) Program has been developing direct thought controlled computers […]

Autonomous Mars Rover

Also at the CMRI is the concept of the autonomous Mars Rover.  This takes the medical robot to the next level.  I’ll be lecturing at the international AAGL meeting in November on this concept in a special session on new technology in medicine (“FutureVision”)— take the autonomous miniaturized robot lander and launch it inside the […]

Robotic Institute Developing Self-Propelled Cardiac Lunar Lander Type Robot

Carnegie Mellon Robotic Institute has been developing the Heartlander robot.  Similar to a lunar lander this device would slef navigate on the surface of the heart to remotely perform procedures.  There are huge neglected opportunities for transmigration of NASA technology from remote planitary probes to self-propelled surgical innerspace devices.  Think Mars Rover meets Fantastic Voyage.

Update From Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons (SLS)

Just back from the annual meeting of the SLS.  The SLS is the only multidisciplinary society dedicated to minimally invasive surgery (MIS).  They are really trying to position themselves as the high-tech surgical society and it shows.  I will follow up with in depth reviews of what was new and noteworthy there.  Major highligts to […]