The Power of Genetics and IVF Embryos- and the Controversy

I am just about to finish an IVF cycle I am doing with a lovely couple.  They are in one of the best prognosis groups.  He has children from a previous marriage as does she.  She had a tubal ligation and “only” has blocked tubes (this is the best prognosis group for IVF).  She is […]

FutureSurgery – Alternative Visualization-Part 3 Near IR Imaging

me and NIR microscope systemmicroscope Example– Near IR Microscope:  I have been writing on the concept of alternate visualization systems. That is, the paradigm shift that will occur when endoscopic surgery moves beyond innate human abilities and adds new capabilities. The first of these will be alternative visualizations that lets the surgeon using the scope […]

FutureSurgery – Alternative Visualization- Part2 Infrared

Continuing in the series of the future of surgery (see intro to series here).  I previously posted about veinviewer.  This is the camera system that uses infrared light to see the veins under the skin.  I wanted to post this video I made of the system being used at Nextfest to demonstrate how it works […]

Futuresurgery- The Coming Radical Transformation of Surgery

  What is the future of surgery in the next decade?  This will be a series of posts I will write on my vision for the future of surgery 10 years from now.  The concepts are based upon the plenary session lecture I gave at the 35th Annual AAGL Global Congress of Gyn Endoscopy 2006 […]

DITM Returns from Conferences- Let the Posts Begin!

VIRTUAL REALITY SURGERY & MILITARY ROBOTS GO MEDICAL   I’ve been a busy little doc the last two weeks.  My research on the development of the autofluorescent laparoscope was awarded a prize paper at the SLS (Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons), the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), and 2 prizes at the AAGL (“Advancing Minimally […]

Thought Control Surgery- Brain Hacking to Come

I have written about the brain gate computer brain interface before.  The company has now announced its use by a patient with ALS.  Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems, Inc. Cyberkinetics) announced that Leigh R. Hochberg, M.D., Ph.D., Principal Investigator in the pilot trial of the BrainGate Neural Interface System (BrainGate), presented preliminary findings from the trial’s first […]

New No Incision Surgery- Amazing Case Study of Procedure Looking For a Use

Cnn reports today from a national meeting of bariatric surgeons.  They describe a keynote talk of the future of non-incisional surgery called NOTES- that has NO REAL USE YET!  This is the Alien stomach buster operation I have written about.  This is an amazing case study on technology looking for a use in medicine.  Several […]

Tiny Animal Becomes An Organ- Can We Engineer This?

Scientific American: Tiny Genome May Reflect Organelle in the Making Scientific Amrican is reporting on an organism with the smallest known genome.  So small in fact, that it lacks half the genes thought necessary for life.  This type of mini-creature only exists as a parasite inside th body of a host.  What’s so amazing is […]

Drug could prevent 500,000 maternal deaths a year- why it won’t…

Uganda maternal health clinic AP just announced the results of a landmark study that can save the lives of countless of the poorest mothers in the world as reported by Yahoo.  They just skipped the part why it will be blocked for political reasons! The reson is at the end of the post… They report- A […]