Remote Controlled Flying Rats

Danger Room reports an English People’s Daily article on Chinese scientists success at controlling the flight of pigeons with brain implants.  I have written before on direct brain-computer interfaces such as the monkey brain controlled robot arm, a woman with a robotic brain controlled limb, soldiers with brain controlled limbs, a paraplegic with a matrix-neural plug in […]

Books 1.0- Problems With New Technology


New 3-wheel Hybrid Vehicle- motorcycle killer carver?

  This is bit off-topic for me but piqued my curisoity.  The Venture is  a step closer to hitting the US shores.  It’s also backed by BMW which won’t hurt.  What is it?  A brand new 100 MPH+ 3-wheel motor-pod steet carver.  As they write in gizmag: February 16, 2007 Venture Vehicles has formally announced […]

Flawed Research: The Hidden Weakness of Peer Review & More Falsified Stem Cells

The point of this post is not about stem cell research it is about flaws in the peer review process.  However, I need to start with a little timely news and some background first. In yet another blow to stem cell research, New Scientist reports today that one of the best-known stem cell papers in the […]

3 New Approvals from the FDA

The FDA has announced 2 new device approvals (and one bonus end the end of the post).  All of these are pretty straight-forward in their uses so I’ll be brief this time! 1) FDA Clears First of Its Kind Suture Made Using DNA Technology The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today announced it has cleared […]

DARPA 2007 Pt2: Major Achievements, Future Plans, & Medical Benefits

As I previously reported, DARPA has announced its strategic plan for 2007.  In this part 2 of my analysis of what their future will bring us, I will summarize their major system achievements to date. No doubt there have beeen hundreds of amazing projects with countless devices that were produced.  Here are the top major […]

Docinthemachine Welcome Back Posting Again!

Thanks to all the loyal readers who have been going through a bit of DITM withdrawal.  The last few weeks were a bit over the top insanely busy.  There were embryos to be implanted, a boatload of surgery, a trio of viruses making the rounds of my family (me to wife to kid to kid […]

Grand Rounds is Up!

This weeks Grand Round is up at signout, a site run by a medical intern (a flea and a tern to those in the ‘biz) with lots of med goodness.  I really liked the organization folowing a medical article and it is very easy to read with great posts.  I usuallly HATE themed GR (too […]

2006 Medblog Awards Announced- Docinthemachine Receives Special Judges Recognition

Once of my favorite blogs Medgadget has announced the winners of the 2006 Medical Blog awards.  If you see some unfamiliar names check all the finalist blogs out.  Each of them is really fantastic.  I am honored to have been singled out by the judges for this blog in the medical technology category “Special mention from the judges […]

REVOLUTION-Destop Fabricator: Build Your Own Device Prototype!

Fab4 Fab5FabMed From the Who Needs VC Department comes an amazing development from Cornell.  The Fab @ Home poject has developed a desktop fabricator that will sell for under $2500.  For those of you not familiar with these devices check out the video- they are a marvel to watch! In the past, developing a model of […]