Spider Silk Uses Reported- Mutant GoatSpider They Missed

This sucker spins webs. Medgadget reports on a review of uses of spider silk.  All kinds of neat potential spider-tech uses are mentioned in the article they quote. “Dr. Randolph V. Lewis from the Department of Molecular Biology, University of Wyoming, wrote a great review article about spider silk and its multiple possible uses for […]

Grand Rounds 3.3 Are Up

Grand Rounds 3.3 are up hosted by Jon Mikel at Unbounded Medicine.  I really like this site which is on our DITM blogroll.  He is a student in MExico studying to be a surgeon and somehow finds time to blog on medicine and society.  I am honored that my post on what I call “gesture […]

Drug could prevent 500,000 maternal deaths a year- why it won’t…

Uganda maternal health clinic AP just announced the results of a landmark study that can save the lives of countless of the poorest mothers in the world as reported by Yahoo.  They just skipped the part why it will be blocked for political reasons! The reson is at the end of the post… They report- A […]

Growing Organs Wins PM Award

              Tonight is the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards 2006.  The one medical innovation they got right is a technique for growing organs in the lab.  I was at a keynote lecture on this technology some years ago at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.  I do not think the lay press has really grasped the […]

New Robots with Whiskers- Cut Off Their Hands

Northwestern University Researchers are developing a robot with sensory whiskers. As eported in engadget- “The whiskers can sense shapes or the flow of liquid, all based on a single sensor at the base of each whisker. Even more impressively, the whiskers can accurately represent the contour of an object, just by brushing across it. There […]

Human Life Extension Not Here Yet But Hibernation May Be!

There have been lots of posts lately about the $3.5M pledge from Peter A. Thiel, co-founder and former CEO of PayPal to the anti-aging research Methuselah Foundation.  Here today mamalian hibernation may be able to be triggered with hydrogen sulfide gas.  It is unclear if this state can last for years but it does seem […]

“Living Chips” Enable Nextgen Diagnosis/treatment

A University of Rochester Cardiologist is working to refine “biochips” — the promise lies in implantable devices working in synergy with human tissue to provide disease testing and monitoring.  Yet another installment in the implantbale future of medicine.

Pill-Cams Take New Diagnostic Turn- Possibilities are Endless!

Recently approved by the FDA, SmartPill is the next generation of swallowable GI diagnostics.  I have been involved as an MD in miniaturized endoscopy for some time.  This is an important advancement since it is the first time the sensor has moved beyond visual imaging to other diagnostics.  The swallowable pill technology is not new.  Originally […]

SLS Update 3: Krazy Glue Tissue Sealant Blocks Healing

Krazy Glue-type tissue adhesives have been hot in development for some time.  Lots of promise and huge expectations but they have not worked so well and have had poor market penetration.  They have been primarily used ofr small laceration and insision closures.  The hype has been to use them for more complex repairs and replace sutures […]

Sprayable Polymer System- Antiadhesion Now But in the Future… (video)

see video of application Spraygel is a sprayable polymer based system for adhesion prevention.  Approved outside the USA its US trial has been delayed over a bumpy road.  The system works by taking 2 liquids sprayed into the abdominal cavity at laparoscopy.  The liquids react forming a PEG hydrogel.  Think of foam spray insulation.  The […]