Grand Rounds Vol. 3, No. 10 is Up!

Thanks to Dr. RW for an excellent Grand Rounds.  I especially like this one for including a series of purely clinical posts.  There has been a discussion running about the purpose of GR and some think it should only be literary pieces aimed at the lay public.  I think the best of themedical blogosphere can […]

Docinthemachine “FutureVision” Surgery Podcast

Here is the link to the podcast of my interview at the Global AAGL congress– we discuss my vision for the coming radical transformation of surgery. For now the society requires you to (free) register to listen. The interview is at the bottom of the podcast section under AAGL 35th Annual Meeting Presents: Ways of […]

Docinthemachine Fever Spreads- Podcasts and Video Coming Soon!

Digital dreams  Thank you so very much to all the readers and supporters of docinthemachine.  In the few short months that DITM has been up (since 9/11/06) the interest has been growing exponentially (does it follow Moore’s Law?).  Thanks to all the Grand Rounds Editors who have linked to my posts, to Kim at Emergiblog for […]

Grand Rounds – Volume 3 number 9 is Up!

Thanks to Dr. Anonymous for all his work on this edition of GR.  He had the daunting task of editing a GR with a limited post number to try to keep it hot and all of outstanding caliber (and one readers could get through) Welcome to the most anticipated Grand Rounds in a long time! […]

FutureSurgery – Alternative Visualization-Part 3 Near IR Imaging

me and NIR microscope systemmicroscope Example– Near IR Microscope:  I have been writing on the concept of alternate visualization systems. That is, the paradigm shift that will occur when endoscopic surgery moves beyond innate human abilities and adds new capabilities. The first of these will be alternative visualizations that lets the surgeon using the scope […]

FutureSurgery – Alternative Visualization- Part2 Infrared

Continuing in the series of the future of surgery (see intro to series here).  I previously posted about veinviewer.  This is the camera system that uses infrared light to see the veins under the skin.  I wanted to post this video I made of the system being used at Nextfest to demonstrate how it works […]

Futuresurgery- The Coming Radical Transformation of Surgery

  What is the future of surgery in the next decade?  This will be a series of posts I will write on my vision for the future of surgery 10 years from now.  The concepts are based upon the plenary session lecture I gave at the 35th Annual AAGL Global Congress of Gyn Endoscopy 2006 […]

Metabolomics-Machine Tests IVF Embryo’s Waste to Achieve Pregnancy

8-cell human embryo from Gold Coast IVF   Next in my series of updates from my visit to the Annual Meeting of the ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) is a potentially amazing technology to help identify a healthy embryo in a dish.  IVF (in vitro fertilization) has become our most powerful toiol to help infertile […]

First Report- DITM Creator Discovers New Cause of Infertility, Company Producing Device for Bleeding

  This is another exciting first for DITM. I previously posted about my award winning research presented on the development of autofluorescent laparoscopy. Now here is information about my latest research just presented at the AAGL 35th Global International Congress on Gyn Endoscopy. The study was the first human clinical and primate data supporting the development of […]

DITM Returns from Conferences- Let the Posts Begin!

VIRTUAL REALITY SURGERY & MILITARY ROBOTS GO MEDICAL   I’ve been a busy little doc the last two weeks.  My research on the development of the autofluorescent laparoscope was awarded a prize paper at the SLS (Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons), the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), and 2 prizes at the AAGL (“Advancing Minimally […]