Grand Rounds, Vol. 3 No. 12 is Up

 Grand Rounds, Vol. 3 No. 12 – (and another great well rounded one) is up at Anxiety, Addiction and Depression Treatments  a really fascinating mental health site.  Once again the editor had to pick the best of the medical bloggers and was not able to include all posts.  They are well organized into very diverse categories.  […]

More on “Alternate Visualization”

    Medgadget posted on yet another IR based visualization gadget – this time for derm use.  I have been writing on my view of the upcoming radical transformation of medicine by future technology.  The first major step is the development of “Alternate visualization”- where doctors gain abilities their native bodies (or eyes) lack.  European […]

More on Longevity and Telomeres- Answers from the Researcher

I recently posted on the new research linking telomere length (telomeres are the protective end caps on DNA) to human longevity.  This information came from a leading fertility researcher Dr. David Keefe who has discovered the link between telomeres and human egg and embryo health.  This is a major development that I have called the […]

Awesome Army Videos-Terminator 2025 Battlefield Surgery Built NOW!

If you thought my post on military technology in the operating room was cool you will not believe the next generation videos here.  James Bond may have Q but the US military has DARPA.  On of their future battlefield medical projects is TraumaPod.  These videos from my friend Richard Satava, MD (Professor of Surgery and Program […]

Army Axing High-Tech Soldier of Tomorrow- MedTech Losses Predicted


DefenceTech reports today that the US Army has decided to axe it’s $500 Million (so far) Land Warrior Soldier of the Future program.  If this goes through the fallout loss of future medical technology under development will be enormous. many do not realize the enormous amount of medical technology that trickles down from the military (such […]

DITM Finalist for Weblog Award 2006!- Best Medical Blog

DITM Fever Spreads! What a wonderful day for DITM. The 2006 Weblog Award Finalists List was just posted– there it is in black and white to my delight: docinthemachine – finalist for best medical blog! We have been chosen in the top 10 which means we are in the running! As they say vote early […]

Grand Rounds 3.11 Are Up

The latest edition of Grand Rounds, the best of the medical blogosphere, is up at The Antidote: Counterspin for Health Care and Health News.  Wow- a blog focused on “casting a critical eye on health and health care news and policy”- glad to see it. I am delighted that she chose to include my post […]

Is Paper Medical Publishing Dead?

Forbes has a fantastic article about some of the economics of ebooks and epublishing.  This correctly portends the inevitabe replacement of a significant amount of publishing (most?) by electronic replacements.  Several tends and technologies are poised to help push this trend.  As the British medical Journal says “Electronic Publishing in Science – The Revolution is […]

3D Ultrasound Technology- Future Vision 4

[youtube]7UiHC-vBU18[/youtube] 3D ultrasound of IUD in uterus 3D Visualization is one of the concepts I spoke about in my session on FutureVision- The Coming Radical Transformation of Surgery at the AAGL meeting.  In gyn, the use of 3D ultrasound has become commonplace.  In general, an imaging machine (ultrasound, CT, or MRI can all do it) […]

Live to be 100? DITM Tells You How

  A study from the University of Chicago has been getting a lot of press attention lately.  They found that your chances of living to 100 may depend on how young your mother was when she gave birth to you with chances doubled if mom was under 25.  The reports do not give the explanation why.  […]