Sniffing Out Disease-”Smellcheck”

  Defensetech reports on DARPA’s new “smell-out the terrorist program“.  Ok stop laughing and read on: Cutting edge military R&D from DARPA has developed a way to smell out bad guys- literally.  Move over fingerprints and biometrics- this is what I call “smellcheck”. Darpa’s “Unique Signature Detection Project (formerly known as the Odortype Detection program)” […]

Last Grand Rounds of Year is Up!

Nick Genes the creator of Grand Rounds has taken the helm for this weeks Grand rounds – the best of the medical blogosphere.  This edition over at blogborygmi is the highlights of the best posts of the year. Officially edition 3.14 it is a great wide range of posts and styles.  Levity, medical news, poetics […]

Risky Business:Why DARPA Does What Medical Industry Won’t

I previously wrote about the government cutting the soldier of the future LandWarrior program.  The point of my post was the myriad next-generation medical developments destined to come from the program that would be lost in the military cutbacks.  The post was picked up widely including slashdot and grandrounds.  Many commenters were angry at the […]

Kurzweil: Computers Will Enable People To Live Forever (if the machines let us…)

graph of exponential rise of human progress over time- and the future? The inventor, author, and futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts that in 15 to 30 years, nanobots will roam our blood streams fixing diseased or aging organs, computers will back up our human memories, and conference calls will be replaced by meetings in virtual resorts.   […]

Grand Rounds – Volume 3, Number 12 is Up!

This week’s grand rounds has a Charlie Brown Christmas Theme and is hosted at Nurse Ratched’s Place .  I am happy to see that she chose a diverse group of faactual and literary posts (they way I think grand rounds should be). Many of my favorite bloggers are there Kim from Emergiblog, Doctor Hébert’s Medical […]

Docinthemachine Nominated for Best Medical Technology Blog 2006!

More proud announcements!  I just found out that we have been nominated for Best Medical Technologies/Informatics Weblog in the 2006 Medical Weblog Awards hosted by  The award nominees are definitely worth checking out – they represent the best of the medical blogosphere and have some amazing sites I had not seen before. Thanks to […]

Docinthemachine Top 5 for Best Medical Blog 2006!

The results are in!  I am proud to report docinthemachine was selected as a finalist for the best medical blog of 2006 in the weblog awards.  There were 4500 total nominations in all categories.  The voting ended Friday night and the organizers report over 500,000 total votes!  From their online report so far we finished 4th.  […]

Sloppy Docs Miss The Diseases

    A paper in today’s New England Journal of Medicine concludes that sloppy docs suck.  In this very simple study of colonoscopy they showed that the docs who took longer to examine the colon with a telescope (ie were more careful and thourough) found more disease.  When I was in residency there was a […]

DITM Creator Dr. Palter Nominated to Lifeboat Advisory Boards

I am honored to have been selected to be on the scientific advisory board for the Lifeboat foundation.  I will serve on the biotech/medical, ethics, Human Trajectories, Robotics (as it related to medical robotics) futurists, and nanotech boards.  I am excited about the boards and honored to be included among other members including The world’s […]

Another Biological-based Surgical Microrobot

  I have written before about the “fantastic voyage” surgical idea.  In this 1966 movie, a submarine and its scientis/doctor team are shrunk down and inected into the body to diagnose and treat a blood clot (they use a laser of course.  You can see past posts about rmars rover technology in medicine here, an implantable […]