Genetic Engineering Mosquitos Resistant to Malaria

The BBC is reoprting that a new geneticaly medified mosquito has been created that is relatively reistant to malaria.  The study publsihed in PNAS reports The approach exploits the fact that the health of infected mosquitoes is itself compromised by the parasite they spread. Insects that cannot be invaded by the parasite are therefore likely […]

Flawed Research: The Hidden Weakness of Peer Review & More Falsified Stem Cells

The point of this post is not about stem cell research it is about flaws in the peer review process.  However, I need to start with a little timely news and some background first. In yet another blow to stem cell research, New Scientist reports today that one of the best-known stem cell papers in the […]

New Device Filters Blood- Kills Tumor Cells and Captures Stem Cells

  Stemcapture is a new company commercializing a neat device licenses from the University of Rochester.  As reported in what’s next in health Associate Professor Michael King of the University of Rochester Biomedical Engineering Department has invented a device that filters the blood for cancer and stem cells. When he captures cancer cells, he kills […]

Sniffing Out Disease-”Smellcheck”

  Defensetech reports on DARPA’s new “smell-out the terrorist program“.  Ok stop laughing and read on: Cutting edge military R&D from DARPA has developed a way to smell out bad guys- literally.  Move over fingerprints and biometrics- this is what I call “smellcheck”. Darpa’s “Unique Signature Detection Project (formerly known as the Odortype Detection program)” […]

More on Longevity and Telomeres- Answers from the Researcher

I recently posted on the new research linking telomere length (telomeres are the protective end caps on DNA) to human longevity.  This information came from a leading fertility researcher Dr. David Keefe who has discovered the link between telomeres and human egg and embryo health.  This is a major development that I have called the […]

The Power of Genetics and IVF Embryos- and the Controversy

I am just about to finish an IVF cycle I am doing with a lovely couple.  They are in one of the best prognosis groups.  He has children from a previous marriage as does she.  She had a tubal ligation and “only” has blocked tubes (this is the best prognosis group for IVF).  She is […]

Metabolomics-Machine Tests IVF Embryo’s Waste to Achieve Pregnancy

8-cell human embryo from Gold Coast IVF   Next in my series of updates from my visit to the Annual Meeting of the ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) is a potentially amazing technology to help identify a healthy embryo in a dish.  IVF (in vitro fertilization) has become our most powerful toiol to help infertile […]

First A Spider-Goat Next a Spider-Man

My last post was on Nexia Biotechnologies tranfection of a goat with a gene to produce spider silk.  I wanted to elaborate on the technology behind the process.  A complete description is available from the company. As a fertility specialist I know this technology well since it involves in vitro fertilization (IVF) and is the […]

Spider Silk Uses Reported- Mutant GoatSpider They Missed

This sucker spins webs. Medgadget reports on a review of uses of spider silk.  All kinds of neat potential spider-tech uses are mentioned in the article they quote. “Dr. Randolph V. Lewis from the Department of Molecular Biology, University of Wyoming, wrote a great review article about spider silk and its multiple possible uses for […]