Free DITM Podcast With Jeff Cohen-CEO Halt Medical on Medical Device Invention Process


I’m so excited to share with you my latest docinthemachine podcast with Jeff Cohen — serial entrepreneur and current CEO of Halt Medical (a gyn fibroid treatment statup), Voyage Air Guitar (the world’s best foldable guitar),  and Nashville publishers Savannah Music Group just recorded live at the 38th Global Congress of Minimally Invasive Gynecolog in […]

Can Vision Testing Improve Surgical & Athletic Performance?

Gizmodo is reporting today about how White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski said he improved his performance though the daily use of a Nintendo video game. This reminded me of research I did while at Yale on similar visual testing on surgeons. We found back then that for both athletes, and surgeons (especially endoscopic surgeons) visual […]

Friday Fun Post- Human Statue Video

‘Duct tape is like the Force. It has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the universe together’ – Carl Zwanzig My sci-fi writer wifeinthemachine being the creative type posted 2 funny videos – one is a mind-freak experiment where a couple of hundred people in NYC Grand Station simultaneously freeze and freak […]

Cell Phones Are Not Reliable Contraception!

Good old MSNBC is reporting a story today that heavy cell phone usage leads to lowered sperm counts in men. Before you throw them out the window there are some serious flaws with the study. They report: “In a study of 361 men seen at their infertility clinic, researchers at the Cleveland Clinic found an […]

DITM 2 New Podcast Projects Close to Launch!

New Podcast Projects:  The past two weeks have been a wild ride of fun and excitement!  I have two podcast projects undergoing the final edits prior to launcing.  The first is the docinthemachine podcast focusing on the new technology and medical breakthroughts of this blog.  The second, is a major new medical education project – […]

Bionic Friday Posts

For your enjoyment today – a collection of forward thinking docinthemachine posts about robotics and bionic humans.  Take a minute today to push your mind a decade into the future.  Ponder with me roboic amoeba rovers inthe body, bionic retinal implants, and humanoid androids.  Finish the day with a post on the singularity and mind […]

Genetic Engineering Mosquitos Resistant to Malaria

The BBC is reoprting that a new geneticaly medified mosquito has been created that is relatively reistant to malaria.  The study publsihed in PNAS reports The approach exploits the fact that the health of infected mosquitoes is itself compromised by the parasite they spread. Insects that cannot be invaded by the parasite are therefore likely […]

Japanese Cultural Society: How to Eat Sushi Etiquette – Sunday Fun Post 2

Continuing in the Sunday Fun Posts from Fans in Japan.  This one is from the “Japan Culture Lab” on How to Eat Sushi- All the Japanese etiquette you need.  I went a good ways through it before realizing it was a spoof.  (The two guys in the videos are a comedy duo in Japan called […]

Weird Batman-Caped Japanese Octopus: Sunday Fun Post 1

For all the DITM fans visiting here over the weekend, I wanted to give you a few fun posts. I have been having a lot of correspondence lately from researchers and technicians in Japan working on the concepts I write about (i’ll post the real Japanese medical technology posts next week). In a burst of […]