NextFest 2: Hand Gesture Controlled Surgery and Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Minority Report                          Raytheon Army Version In my last post on Fogscreen I shared my vision for a future of alternative display technologies opening up new options for surgical imaging. Let me elaborate on what I have called the “hand gesture control” concept. In traditional surgery there is a direct interaction between surgeon and […]

Alternative Displays -Fogscreen:Update 1 from Nextfest

Projection image                Close-up of fog               projector I have a series of Nextfest updates coming.  These are the first of my photo/video reports.  An outstanding show at the Javits Center in NYC fromWired with advances in technology and cutting edge developments. The first impresion is the fogscreen display overhead as you pass into the exhibit hall.  Fogscreen […]

Veinviewer Sees Veins Under Skin For Simpler Blooddraw

The Wired Nextfest is currently underway in NYC (report and photos coming!).   One product featured is the VeinViewer from Luminetx.  This amazing device uses near infrared light to image blood vessels under the skin’s surface.  A projector then projects an image onto the skin providing a roadmap for blood-draws that will eliminate the need for […]

HD endoscopy system in regular use

We have now implemented the Stryker 1088 HD system into regular use for laparoscopic and hysteroscopic procedures.  Housed in an integrated OR there are three flat panel LCD screens, all components are boom mounted and all video goes through a central bus.  I performed the world’s first HD laparoscopy 6 years ago and it’s great […]

Update From SLS-2: Natural Orifice Surgery-The Somach Burstor from Alien is Hottest New Procedure- video of concept

    video link of the new surgery concept Natural orifice surgery (also called Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery NOTES) was minimally discussed in the formal meeting but massively discussed in the halls and by the movers and shakers.  It is radically different and enabling of new procedures.  Combine this with the potential for disasterous outcomes and complications, […]

Autonomous Mars Rover

Also at the CMRI is the concept of the autonomous Mars Rover.  This takes the medical robot to the next level.  I’ll be lecturing at the international AAGL meeting in November on this concept in a special session on new technology in medicine (“FutureVision”)— take the autonomous miniaturized robot lander and launch it inside the […]

Update From Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons (SLS)

Just back from the annual meeting of the SLS.  The SLS is the only multidisciplinary society dedicated to minimally invasive surgery (MIS).  They are really trying to position themselves as the high-tech surgical society and it shows.  I will follow up with in depth reviews of what was new and noteworthy there.  Major highligts to […]