New No Incision Surgery- Amazing Case Study of Procedure Looking For a Use

Cnn reports today from a national meeting of bariatric surgeons.  They describe a keynote talk of the future of non-incisional surgery called NOTES- that has NO REAL USE YET!  This is the Alien stomach buster operation I have written about.  This is an amazing case study on technology looking for a use in medicine.  Several […]

Air Force Developing Morphing Aircraft – Idea For New Surgical Tools

Researchers are aiming to find ways to enable aircraft to change shape during flight to improve performance or efficiency. Modern materials are enabling engineers to take a fresh look at the idea of aircraft that can flex, twist or change shape to make them more maneuverable. NASA and the Defense Department are funding research programs […]

World’s Largest Seamless Display- Coming to the OR Someday

Engadget reports Are you ready to finally assemble your home theater? You’ve got all the elements picked out: the screen, the sound system — and a big projector. Well, if you really want the most awesome projector out there, you may want to head on down to Kentucky, where two university engineers, Christopher Jaynes and […]

Male Contraception- They Just Copied Us Gynecologists

                    prototype for boy parts              for girl parts (available now) Medgadget reports on a potential new male contraceptive technology today following a press release from Shepherd Medical Company.  They write:  “Shepherd Medical Company is gearing up to conduct a clinical trial for the IVD, or Intra Vas Device, a long-term male contraceptive that works by plugging […]

World’s Thinnest LCD for Cell-Phones Also Good for Surgeon

Engadget reports of the world’s thinnest LCD for cell-phones from Toshiba.  In the OR we have been limited by the use of traditional display technologies.  One potential liberating technology is head mounted displays (HMD’s).  I have done research on these and used them in the OR.  Current technology is limited by weight, thickness, and resolution.  […]

Gesture Control Everywhere

Engadget just reported on Phillips prototype toy Drag and Draw.  Looks like yet another of what I call “gesture control” systems.  In the photo I see the pen and a control box.  Wonder if its got a video tracking system and projector in the box?  This control technology once mass produced will definitely make it […]

Hand Gesture Control Video

[wpyt_profile1]1qjEiF8orHg[/wpyt_profile1] I previously wrote on the fogscreen display system. Just as interesting as the display system is a demo of the hand gesture control concept. Here hands point in space and the display responds with electric ink. There must be a video tracking system trnslating the movements into mouse controls. I can forsee systems where […]

Another Vapor Projector at Nextfest with Gesture Control Video

[wpyt_profile1]khkx3zDMs5w[/wpyt_profile1] In addition to the fogscreen display overhead as you entered Nextfest there was another water vapor-based projection system.  Heliodisplay from IOtechnology also projects moving images onto a stream of vapor.  They also have an interactive gesture controled version.  Generates the same ideas to me for a gesture control surgical system.  Here my video of […]

NextFest 2: Hand Gesture Controlled Surgery and Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Minority Report                          Raytheon Army Version In my last post on Fogscreen I shared my vision for a future of alternative display technologies opening up new options for surgical imaging. Let me elaborate on what I have called the “hand gesture control” concept. In traditional surgery there is a direct interaction between surgeon and […]

Alternative Displays -Fogscreen:Update 1 from Nextfest

Projection image                Close-up of fog               projector I have a series of Nextfest updates coming.  These are the first of my photo/video reports.  An outstanding show at the Javits Center in NYC fromWired with advances in technology and cutting edge developments. The first impresion is the fogscreen display overhead as you pass into the exhibit hall.  Fogscreen […]