Near IR Vein Reader at CES 2007

I have written a lot on the use of near ir (NIR) technology for visualizing veins through your skin.  Beyond this use, using wavelengths of light beyond normal human vision is the first application of what I call “future vision” as part of the radical transformation of surgery.  You can read more about type of technology […]

CES OLED Innovation for Future Med

click for high res Engadget reports a new Sony OLED HD TV at CES– I can guarantee you will see OLED’s in a next generation surgical video display and in a surgical HMD Some people need bigger and better LCDs, but we’re just fine with the 27-inch prototype Sony mentioned during its press conference yesterday. […]

ElectriPlast: Conductive Plastic from CES 2007

The first innovation from CES 2007 that caught my eye is ElectriPlast from Integral Technologies. There is not too much information about this available. In short, it is an electrically conductive plastic resin. Today most electric conductive tools (eg electrosurgical instruments) are made of metal with an insulating covering. They have a limited lifespan and […]

CES 2007 Innovation- Medical Future Tech

  CES 2007 is in full swing in Las Vegas.  As you know thi sis a pure consumer gadget conference.  What’s this got to do with med tech you ask?  Every year there is some new innovative technology shown that I predict could be used to enable some new development in medical tools.  Unfortunately, the […]

Last Grand Rounds of Year is Up!

Nick Genes the creator of Grand Rounds has taken the helm for this weeks Grand rounds – the best of the medical blogosphere.  This edition over at blogborygmi is the highlights of the best posts of the year. Officially edition 3.14 it is a great wide range of posts and styles.  Levity, medical news, poetics […]

FDA Humanitarian Device Approval for Fetal Surgery

        The FDA approved a device set for fetal surgery from Karl Storz Endoscopy America (KSEA) under its little known humanitarian device exemption (HDE) program.  Interestingly many of the devices approved under this program are artificial hearts or heart assist devices.  It’s worth checking out the link above to see what sort […]

Urban Robot Race

“Never underestimate the power of people willing to take on a challenge.” – Ron Kurjanowicz, Grand Challenge Program Manager, Urban Challenge Participants Conference, Reston, VA, May 20, 2006 DARPA has granted prize money of $3.5 million for its milestone urban robotics race next November. The urban road race is an unbelievable challenge.  First a bit […]

Sloppy Docs Miss The Diseases

    A paper in today’s New England Journal of Medicine concludes that sloppy docs suck.  In this very simple study of colonoscopy they showed that the docs who took longer to examine the colon with a telescope (ie were more careful and thourough) found more disease.  When I was in residency there was a […]

Another Biological-based Surgical Microrobot

  I have written before about the “fantastic voyage” surgical idea.  In this 1966 movie, a submarine and its scientis/doctor team are shrunk down and inected into the body to diagnose and treat a blood clot (they use a laser of course.  You can see past posts about rmars rover technology in medicine here, an implantable […]

Cell Phone Charger Could Transform OR Tools!

Engadget is reporting on a new electromagnetical induction device to charge your cell phone and pocket gadgets.  What’s the medical tie-in DITM? First here’s their report: Charge-by-contact pads have a real shot at practicality. We haven’t seen too much action on the wire-free charging front in quite some time. Thankfully, WildCharge is apparently stepping to […]