Beyond Genetic & Prenatal Testing- Pre-embryo Testing – Hiding the Results From the Patient

Woody Guthrie Died from Huntington’s Chorea Medviews (host of next weeks grand rounds) has an interesting post about the dilemmas of genetic testing for deadly diseases such as Huntington’s Disease (he has one error- he calls it autosomal recessive but it is actually an autosomal dominant disease).  For those unfamiliar see notes from the Huntington’s […]

Big Med-Industry Courts Med-Bloggers

Beppe in NYC Now I have seen it all.  Old school med-industy came to NYC a-courtin’ new school med-bloggers last night.  I was invited to a dinner at Beppe a well ranked (not bad in Zagat – menu here) Italian restaurant near Grammercy Park by the Corporate Communication Folks at Johnson & Johnson. The big […]

Docinthemachine Guest Blogging on Lifeboat Foundation Blog

 I am honored and excited to have been invited to guest blog on the Lifeboat Foundation Blog.  My first post is on the new DARPA 2007 focus plan and its relation to medical technology.  For those unfamiliar with them, their mission statements sums it up: The Lifeboat Foundation is a nonprofit nongovernmental organization dedicated to encouraging […]

Grand Rounds Vol. 3.25 is Up!

Grand Rounds 3.25 is up over at Scienceroll.  A gret blog I have mentioned before it is run by Bertalan Meskó, a Hungarian Medical Student wit a passion for genetics.  Definitely worth checking out there are about 60 posts but excellently organized in categories to make the reading clear and quick.  A nice variety. I am […]

Future Vision in Surgery: Let the Podcasts Begin!

Here it is folks, docinthemachine’s first podcast to play on the site.  This piece is near and dear to my heart.  The Topic is “Future Vision” – and it’s about the coming radical transformation of surgery.  I review how endoscopy allowed us to move from invasive to minimaly invasive surgery.  What’s next?  The transformation to microinvasive […]

Coming Soon to DITM!

I have added a bunch of features to the site and would love your feedback if they enhance the experience or are just a royal pain in the A.   Recently added is the snap plug in that gives youa snapshot of the destination page for each link. I also added the social bookmarklets to the […]

Grand Rounds 3:24 is Up

Kudos to Gruntdoc the first 4 time grand rounds host.  Plus its a good one.  60 submissions, no theme, but tightly organized and wide reaching.  Love it.  Thanks also for including my post on DARPA’s military research plan for 2007 and my predictions for amazing medical offshoots.

Docinthemachine Welcome Back Posting Again!

Thanks to all the loyal readers who have been going through a bit of DITM withdrawal.  The last few weeks were a bit over the top insanely busy.  There were embryos to be implanted, a boatload of surgery, a trio of viruses making the rounds of my family (me to wife to kid to kid […]

Grand Rounds is Up!

This weeks Grand Round is up at signout, a site run by a medical intern (a flea and a tern to those in the ‘biz) with lots of med goodness.  I really liked the organization folowing a medical article and it is very easy to read with great posts.  I usuallly HATE themed GR (too […]

2006 Medblog Awards Announced- Docinthemachine Receives Special Judges Recognition

Once of my favorite blogs Medgadget has announced the winners of the 2006 Medical Blog awards.  If you see some unfamiliar names check all the finalist blogs out.  Each of them is really fantastic.  I am honored to have been singled out by the judges for this blog in the medical technology category “Special mention from the judges […]