New Multimedia Article Format Revolutionizes Medical Research

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DITM BREAKING RESEARCH REPORT:  First Announcement— Fertility and Sterility, the flagship journal of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and its publisher Elsevier have created, and for the first time ever published,  a new multimedia article format that integrates video and traditional print research. This project has been my labor of love for the […]

Welcome to the New Multimedia Fertility & Sterility

Medical research teaching has remained essentially unchanged for over 200 years….until now. Dr. Steven Palter has been named the first ever Editor for video and New Media for the world’s leading fertility journal Fertility & Sterility. F&S is the official publication of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). I am excited to lead the […]

Fertility Sterility New Media Podcast

New Media at Fertility and Sterility! [display_podcast]  

Docinthemachine Expands Fertility Analysis and Reporting

Since its inception docinthemachine has focused on sharing a vision of how technology can transform medicine.  I am excited to expand my postings and analysis of all things related to fertility diagnosis and treatment.  As most of you are aware I am a board certified reproductive endocrinologist — which is an Ob Gyn with addition […]

New Technique Sees Inside Blood Vessels in a Microsecond

Technology Review is reporting on a new technology to look inside the tiniest spaces such as blood vessels in a microsecond. Up until now endoscopic surgery has been limited as engineers tried to shrink telescopes to ever smaller diameters shifting from glass lenses to fiberoptic scopes to newer technologies. You can read my brief history […]

Welcome to Docinthemachine 2.0

Welcome to the new layout theme for docinthemachine.  Now that the site database and wordpress install have been debugged and upgraded we needed a snazzy new look to show off to the world. Stay tuned for more posts on future medical technology.  As always, I will focus on future technologies and how they will transform medicine.  […]

DITM is Back Blogging! Blog Database Error Fixed!

Good News!  The sql database errors and wordpress corruption have all been fixed!  Thanks to the brilliant work of Gene the site is up and alive again.  In the process we upgraded WP 2.5.  No thanks go to my ISP who moved and hid my entire blog sql database without ever telling us as they […]

DITM Blog Upgrade Coming! New Logo is Here

  Thanks to the loyal readers coming.  I really appreciate you!  I appologize for the wave of database page errors many of you have seen and the site starting to crash.  We have had somedatabase issues with wordpress and sql and have called in the big guns to get all databases in line.  They know […]

Retraction From Pointe Conception Medical

As a practicing physician, consultant to industry and the investment community, and medical technology blogger, my independence is of utmost importance to me. Pointe Conception Medical issued the following statement today: “Pointe Conception Medical (PCM) regrets the use of the quote from Dr. Steven Palter in our presentation materials.  Dr. Steven Palter did not provide […]

Second Life for Medicine

More and more social networking sites, web 2.0 sites, and other initially recreational new internet systems are migrating to work and educational related functionality.  The potential for medical uses, online research, education, and patient networking is seemingly endless. This wiki lists general grid and teen grid educational sites on second life as does this very comprehensive […]